Friday, July 18, 2014

New Rainbow Brite Cartoon

Yes, the astonishing news is true: Rainbow Brite is making a comeback in a brand new cartoon! Emily Osment, the actress best known for her role as Lily in Hannah Montana, broke the news on her Instagram account with the following image and caption:

"First day on the job! Very stoked to be back doing some animation this summer.See you soon! Love, Emily aka Rainbow Brite"

The script's picture gives us the first episode's title and author: "Cloudy with a chance of Gloom" by Rachel Vine. And Emily lets us know that she'll be voicing our beloved Rainbow Brite herself. But she, and the creators of the new toon have since stayed silent.

Hallmark has privately confirmed that the new cartoon is real - this is not a hoax. But they are not ready to provide further details...yet.

Renee of and myself couldn't wait to squee and speculate together, so we recorded episode 9 of BriteCast: the Rainbow Brite Podcast regarding the news. And while we've been impatiently awaiting the next nugget of information, the internet has blown up over Emily's reveal. I've been attempting to collect links from all of the articles being posted and list them below. If I've missed any, please let me know.

Here's to hoping we get some answers soon! What would you like to see, or not see, in this new Rainbow Brite series? :)



Unknown said...

me also can't wait to jump for overjoy! <3

WordCutter said...

So why has no one contacted Robbie Lee about this great news? Seeing she was Twink, Shy Violet, Indigo, La La Orange, and Sprites I wonder who is going to reprise her voice over work?

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