Friday, April 11, 2014

30th Anniversary Rainbow Brite Art Show

In recent weeks, Hallmark headquarters put together a Rainbow Brite exhibit for her 30th anniversary. It was designed to provide inspiration for their creative employee teams, and is currently being shown to employees in their 9th floor gallery. It is not open to the public, but thankfully a good friend of mine, Justin Perryman, is related to a Hallmark employee and was able to take a tour himself. He took these pictures, and was given permission to share them with the world. Some of the artwork was just for fun, but some may be used in future projects, so let's keep our fingers crossed! :) All info and images are ©Hallmark Cards, Inc.

In the first section of the exhibit, you will find merchandise, protoypes and custom dolls:

In the second part, you'll see more prototypes, publications, merchandise, and storyboards:

You can even get your picture taken wearing a Rainbow Brite snuggie! ;) You're so cute Justin!

There is also fan art created by Hallmark employees:

But my favorite part of all are the big screen tvs around the exhibit showing Rainbow Brite episodes, pictures of Rainbow Brite fans, and never-before-seen video of relaunch ideas!

We can only cross our fingers and hope that Hallmark is cooking up something new and wonderful for our favorite super hero, and will hopefully make this exhibit available to the public in the future :)


Cyn G. said...

Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for sharing these pics and vids! Also thanks to Justin, we would've never been able to see this stuff otherwise. Man! I would love to own some of that merch. and those preliminary animation videos are SO STUNNING! I really wish we could see more! and OMG there was a pic of my collection in one of the videos HAhahaa! That was unexpected but exciting. n.n

Unknown said...

I <3 <3 <3 it! I so hope they open to the public!!!! I already Googled it, and I can be at Hallmark HQ in only 11 hours!!!!!!! She is truly my hero!!!!

Unknown said...

I can be there in 25 mins. Oh how I love KC! I really hope they open this to the public! I will so be there....As close as I am it's tempting to try and sneak Mission Impossible, (you can't see me, tempting.

Galacticatt said...

Wow awesome! I would LOVE a relaunch of Rainbow Brite!!!

Unknown said...

I want to see this exhibit. Please let me know when and where I need to be. Racheal Breedlove. Thanks for everything.

Rainbow said...

Sadly, this exhibit took place two years ago at Hallmark Headquarters and was not open to the public.

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