Friday, March 27, 2015

New Rainbow Brite Toys Slated for August 2015 Release!

Two weeks ago, Rainbow Brite fans were teased by a Huffington Post article about rainbow weddings that slyly mentioned the following, with no further information or images to go with it:

"I am so excited to hear today that in late August 2015, Hallmark Gold Crown stores will feature a new collection of classic Rainbow Brite products, including a doll, plush and book, as well as Rainbow Brite character itty bittys, joining the popular line of 4-inch tall plush toys!"

Since then, fans have been harassing their local Hallmark stores for more information. A few lucky fans were allowed to view store catalogs which showed concept pictures of the upcoming merchandise, but none were allowed to take photographs. We've been on pins and needles waiting for more info. Well that wait is finally over!

Today, Hallmark confirmed the following:
  • In late August 2015, Hallmark Gold Crown stores will feature a new collection of classic Rainbow Brite kids products, including a book, doll and other plush characters (Starlite and Twink), as well as Rainbow Brite character itty bittys®, joining the popular line of 4-inch tall plush toys.
  • The 2015 Keepsake Ornament line will also feature a classic Rainbow Brite design.
  • These products will be available in participating Hallmark Gold Crown stores in the U.S. and online at
We also now have concept images to feast our rainbow-loving eyes upon! 

New Rainbow Brite and Twink Plush Dolls from Hallmark

New Rainbow Brite Starlite Plush Doll from Hallmark
New Rainbow Brite Itty Bittys from Hallmark
New Rainbow Brite Book from Hallmark

Now, these are concepts only. Final product designs may vary. And the image of the Keepsake Ornament will not be released until after the Dream Book is released at the end of April. But OMG!!!! How adorable are these???

The Rainbow Brite doll looks like an exact replica of the 18" doll from the '80s, though Hallmark has stated that Mattel is not involved with any of these items. That Twink is TO DIE FOR adorable!! Starlite's design isn't my favorite. His mane isn't even in rainbow order. But there is still time for that to change. The Itty Bitty designs are super cute! I sincerely hope we get all seven Color Kids eventually. And a new book!! Yes! We also have the book's synopsis:

“Everyone knows that Rainbow Brite is the smartest and bravest girl in all of Rainbow Land. Join Rainbow, Starlite, Twink and the Color Kids on an all-new adventure! Rainbow and the gang must thwart Murky Dismal and Lurky’s nasty plan to steal the Color Belt. With a double dose of friendship and bravery, Rainbow and her friends are sure to save the day.”

Big thanks to Hallmark for the information and pictures. I'm so grateful to them for giving us more classic style dolls!! Can I put in my request now for that vintage dress-up Stormy doll fans have always wanted?? :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gained in Translation

I recently added the French DVDs to the Collectible Videos section of, and in doing so, typed up some of the French text on the back of the boxes. As usual when I'm typing up foreign Rainbow-Brite-related information, I got curious as to what it meant. So I fired up Google Translate to get some rough translations. What came out on the other side were these whimsical, poetic phrases about Rainbow Brite - and I realized that they were lyrics from the French Rainbow Brite Theme Song.

Now if you've never heard the French theme song, take a listen to it. The melody is the same as the American theme written by Haim Saban & Shuki Levy, but the song is much longer, with its own set of lyrics, written by Alain Garcia. Thankfully we have the lyrics, because they were included on the sleeve of the French record, Au pays de l'arc-en-ciel, which includes the theme song, and an instrumental version of the theme. Below is a translation of those lyrics, with some additional help from a French Canadian fan that goes by the name Patty O'Green :)

Rainbow Brite
Country of light
Where little Sprites live like kings

Rainbow Brite
Away from our planet
You can see Rainbow and Starlite

Rainbow Brite
Where the rainbow sky
Is not a mystery but a shout of joy

Rainbow Brite
Pastel light
Color Murky could never make disappear

Rainbow Brite
Yellows, reds and greens
Like a cut
In the blue of the Universe

Rainbow Brite
Guarded by Rainbow
Who is a magician and a little soldier

Around her waist
A divine belt
This is the secret weapon
Of all fighting

Rainbow Brite
Lurky and Murky
Even in their darkness they will not have you

Their grayness
Falls into the abyss
Like a bad dream
Which would not exist

Rainbow Brite
Your heart is glitter
Your eyes sparkle and you live like that

Rainbow Brite
Light of celebration
For Twink's future that's right

Rainbow Brite
For a child's dream
You well exist somewhere out there

Rainbow Brite
Beyond time you will always remain the eternal mirror

Rainbow Brite
Yellows, reds and greens
Like a cut
In the blue of the Universe

Rainbow Brite ...

What's your favorite verse? :)