Monday, April 25, 2016

Xolor Kids

A few weeks ago, Rey Arzeno of Rage Gear Studios began publishing work-in-progress pictures of his 11 Rainbow Brite/X-Men mashup characters, lovingly called Xolor Kids. The first "draft" had black and white outlines of the characters with a partially colored background. The second draft colored in the outlines, amped up the backgrounds and began bringing the characters to life, so the Internet assumed they were done and collectively lost their minds. Below, you'll find 14 news articles reporting on how astoundingly awesome these works of art are. The mashups even got Rainbow Brite trending on Facebook!!

But they weren't even completed yet! He has since redone the backgrounds, and given the Xolor Kids their powers for the world to see. They really are something to behold! And finally, prints of these fabulous creations were made available for purchase today :) There are standard prints and holographic foil prints to choose from (yes, you read that can get them with GLITTER!!), and if you buy a complete set of either, you get a 12th MYSTERY XOLOR KID as a secret bonus!!! A 12th KID!!! Oh and did I mention that the holographic foil prints are limited edition?? There are only 20 of each character! Ahhhh!!! Obviously I've placed my order already, but you should too before they're gone! :D

I had the unique opportunity to meet Rey at North Carolina Comic Con last fall, when he was first starting work on these amazing creations. I squeed when I saw the Scarlet O'Hex ink drawing then, and I squee every time I see one of these brilliant pieces now :) He even sent me the original Dazzle Brite drawing as a thank you for showing him so much support! You can see it and listen to me talk about it in the Gazette, Episode #5:

The point is, these Xolor Kids are amazing. The style is so true to the original Rainbow Brite that it looks like they walked out of an 80's story book. And they got the Internet talking about Rainbow Brite again. It doesn't get much better than that :)


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