Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fan Art

If you've perused Rainbow Brite books at all, I'm sure you've noticed that certain poses were used over and over. It may have a different background, but the characters will be standing in the exact same position as they were in 10 other books/stickers/cards/puzzles. I'm sure that reusing art saved the companies involved a lot of time and money, but the lack of variation saddens me. And as we collectors get closer and closer to owning all known RB books/stickers/cards/puzzles, we must face the fact that eventually we will have seen it all.

This is why I love fan art so much. It may not be "official," but it continues to give new life to our favorite characters. We get to see them in different poses, different clothing, different styles, even different ages! And some of the quality is so high, you wonder why Hallmark hasn't hired these artists to work for them! For example, check out my latest finding:

Lots of wonderful fan art can be viewed online for free on websites such as DeviantArt, and I wade through the thousands of images hosted there quite often. But what I truly love is collecting original pieces of Rainbow Brite fan art. I have sketches, drawings, paintings, and even cross-stitchings! It may not be considered "fine art" by some, but to me, it's the finest :)


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