Monday, July 21, 2014

The Rainbow Land Museum

I was given my first Rainbow Brite dolls for my fifth birthday - back in 1984. So technically, you could say that my collection began then.

Receiving a couple more dolls for Christmas that same year brought my total doll count to four - 12" Rainbow Brite, Starlite, 12" Red Butler and 12" Romeo. Sadly, Starlite and hand-sprite Romeo returned to Rainbow Land at some point in time, but I still have the others :)

(Can you spot the Rainbow Brite stampers I got as well?)

I began actively collecting Rainbow Brite memorabilia in 1995 - when I found a Rainbow Brite record player at a thrift store. I started picking up anything Rainbow Brite related that I could find, at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales...friends even started giving me childhood items that they were no longer attached to. In early 1998, I discovered Ebay, and the rest is history.

At this point, I've collected more than 1,300 items. To my knowledge, it is the largest Rainbow Brite collection in the world. I've dedicated 500 square feet of my house to displaying my collection, and dubbed it the Rainbow Land Museum. Located in Apex, NC, all fans are welcome to take a tour - just contact me for an appointment. You can view a PDF list of my collection here, and more pictures of the Rainbow Land Museum can be viewed here.

The museum has even been featured in the news! Links are below. And I don't plan to stop adding to my collection any time soon :)


Friday, July 18, 2014

New Rainbow Brite Cartoon

Yes, the astonishing news is true: Rainbow Brite is making a comeback in a brand new cartoon! Emily Osment, the actress best known for her role as Lily in Hannah Montana, broke the news on her Instagram account with the following image and caption:

"First day on the job! Very stoked to be back doing some animation this summer.See you soon! Love, Emily aka Rainbow Brite"

The script's picture gives us the first episode's title and author: "Cloudy with a chance of Gloom" by Rachel Vine. And Emily lets us know that she'll be voicing our beloved Rainbow Brite herself. But she, and the creators of the new toon have since stayed silent.

Hallmark has privately confirmed that the new cartoon is real - this is not a hoax. But they are not ready to provide further details...yet.

Renee of and myself couldn't wait to squee and speculate together, so we recorded episode 9 of BriteCast: the Rainbow Brite Podcast regarding the news. And while we've been impatiently awaiting the next nugget of information, the internet has blown up over Emily's reveal. I've been attempting to collect links from all of the articles being posted and list them below. If I've missed any, please let me know.

Here's to hoping we get some answers soon! What would you like to see, or not see, in this new Rainbow Brite series? :)


Friday, April 11, 2014

30th Anniversary Rainbow Brite Art Show

In recent weeks, Hallmark headquarters put together a Rainbow Brite exhibit for her 30th anniversary. It was designed to provide inspiration for their creative employee teams, and is currently being shown to employees in their 9th floor gallery. It is not open to the public, but thankfully a good friend of mine, Justin Perryman, is related to a Hallmark employee and was able to take a tour himself. He took these pictures, and was given permission to share them with the world. Some of the artwork was just for fun, but some may be used in future projects, so let's keep our fingers crossed! :) All info and images are ©Hallmark Cards, Inc.

In the first section of the exhibit, you will find merchandise, protoypes and custom dolls:

In the second part, you'll see more prototypes, publications, merchandise, and storyboards:

You can even get your picture taken wearing a Rainbow Brite snuggie! ;) You're so cute Justin!

There is also fan art created by Hallmark employees:

But my favorite part of all are the big screen tvs around the exhibit showing Rainbow Brite episodes, pictures of Rainbow Brite fans, and never-before-seen video of relaunch ideas!

We can only cross our fingers and hope that Hallmark is cooking up something new and wonderful for our favorite super hero, and will hopefully make this exhibit available to the public in the future :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Internet Nostalgia

In the first episode of Brite Cast, we briefly talked about Rainbow Brite's history on the web. It left me feeling super nostalgic, and I wanted to share a bit more of that nostalgia with you :)

In 1996, when I first searched for Rainbow Brite on the Internet, I recall coming across two pages. The first belonged to Jessica Silva (or Sylva? I think. I'm completely going by memory here). It contained this image:

and a rant about her BEING the one, and only, Rainbow Brite. Honestly, I was a bit turned off by it, as I didn't think the Rainbow Brite moniker should belong to only one person. Rainbow Brite, the character, would be happy to have a multitude of people identify so strongly with her, I believed. And, it was a nickname friends had given me at the time. So it spurred a tiny competitive spark within me.

From her page, I discovered the Rainbow Brite Webring, and followed it to the next page in the ring. That page belonged to Vincent Wales aka. Cardigan, who had created the webring.
It was certainly unexpected to find a man 15+ years my senior who had any interest in Rainbow Brite, but I was intrigued as I read his story. In fact, I contacted him recently and he still has the file! You can read it for yourself right here :)

Vincent and I became fast friends and the following year, 1997, when I created my first webpage, I showed it to him. Now, I was VERY new to making webpages. There were no courses in my high school on how to build them, so I had to teach myself. With the help of my brother, Jeremy Cartee, our mutual friend, Brian Cape, and many Internet searches, I was able to put a very basic Rainbow Brite page on the web.

I submitted it to Vincent's webring and asked his opinion. He was very supportive, and taught me how to do a few more things - such as how to rotate an image. And thus my Rainbow Brite page was born. I actually went diving through old backup discs recently and found the files for that original page. Would you like to see it in action? Just click here to be transported to the Internet of yesteryear ;)

So I want to give a big THANK YOU to Jessica Silva(?), Vincent Wales, Jeremy Cartee and Brian Cape, without which may have never existed :)