Monday, May 16, 2016

Rainbow Brite Musical at Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is a theme park in Kansas City, Missouri, and in 1985 they added a Rainbow Brite Kids Musical to their park! It was part of the Aerodrome section of the park, later renamed to the more kid-friendly Pandamonium in 1987. This park map from 1987 shows that the Rainbow Brite musical (located in the Rainbow Pavilion!) ran for at least 2 years:


Sadly, I have been unable to find any video or audio recordings of the musical, but thanks to Hallmark and some awesome fans on Instagram, I do have a few photos!

(source Facebook)

(source Instagram)

(source Instagram)

(source Instagram)

Did you see the Rainbow Brite musical back in the 80's, or were you one of the performers? I'd love to hear your memories of the show and see any photos or video you might have :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Xolor Kids

A few weeks ago, Rey Arzeno of Rage Gear Studios began publishing work-in-progress pictures of his 11 Rainbow Brite/X-Men mashup characters, lovingly called Xolor Kids. The first "draft" had black and white outlines of the characters with a partially colored background. The second draft colored in the outlines, amped up the backgrounds and began bringing the characters to life, so the Internet assumed they were done and collectively lost their minds. Below, you'll find 14 news articles reporting on how astoundingly awesome these works of art are. The mashups even got Rainbow Brite trending on Facebook!!

But they weren't even completed yet! He has since redone the backgrounds, and given the Xolor Kids their powers for the world to see. They really are something to behold! And finally, prints of these fabulous creations were made available for purchase today :) There are standard prints and holographic foil prints to choose from (yes, you read that can get them with GLITTER!!), and if you buy a complete set of either, you get a 12th MYSTERY XOLOR KID as a secret bonus!!! A 12th KID!!! Oh and did I mention that the holographic foil prints are limited edition?? There are only 20 of each character! Ahhhh!!! Obviously I've placed my order already, but you should too before they're gone! :D

I had the unique opportunity to meet Rey at North Carolina Comic Con last fall, when he was first starting work on these amazing creations. I squeed when I saw the Scarlet O'Hex ink drawing then, and I squee every time I see one of these brilliant pieces now :) He even sent me the original Dazzle Brite drawing as a thank you for showing him so much support! You can see it and listen to me talk about it in the Gazette, Episode #5:

The point is, these Xolor Kids are amazing. The style is so true to the original Rainbow Brite that it looks like they walked out of an 80's story book. And they got the Internet talking about Rainbow Brite again. It doesn't get much better than that :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

New Rainbow Brite Toys Slated for August 2015 Release!

Two weeks ago, Rainbow Brite fans were teased by a Huffington Post article about rainbow weddings that slyly mentioned the following, with no further information or images to go with it:

"I am so excited to hear today that in late August 2015, Hallmark Gold Crown stores will feature a new collection of classic Rainbow Brite products, including a doll, plush and book, as well as Rainbow Brite character itty bittys, joining the popular line of 4-inch tall plush toys!"

Since then, fans have been harassing their local Hallmark stores for more information. A few lucky fans were allowed to view store catalogs which showed concept pictures of the upcoming merchandise, but none were allowed to take photographs. We've been on pins and needles waiting for more info. Well that wait is finally over!

Today, Hallmark confirmed the following:
  • In late August 2015, Hallmark Gold Crown stores will feature a new collection of classic Rainbow Brite kids products, including a book, doll and other plush characters (Starlite and Twink), as well as Rainbow Brite character itty bittys®, joining the popular line of 4-inch tall plush toys.
  • The 2015 Keepsake Ornament line will also feature a classic Rainbow Brite design.
  • These products will be available in participating Hallmark Gold Crown stores in the U.S. and online at
We also now have concept images to feast our rainbow-loving eyes upon! 

New Rainbow Brite and Twink Plush Dolls from Hallmark

New Rainbow Brite Starlite Plush Doll from Hallmark
New Rainbow Brite Itty Bittys from Hallmark
New Rainbow Brite Book from Hallmark

Now, these are concepts only. Final product designs may vary. And the image of the Keepsake Ornament will not be released until after the Dream Book is released at the end of April. But OMG!!!! How adorable are these???

The Rainbow Brite doll looks like an exact replica of the 18" doll from the '80s, though Hallmark has stated that Mattel is not involved with any of these items. That Twink is TO DIE FOR adorable!! Starlite's design isn't my favorite. His mane isn't even in rainbow order. But there is still time for that to change. The Itty Bitty designs are super cute! I sincerely hope we get all seven Color Kids eventually. And a new book!! Yes! We also have the book's synopsis:

“Everyone knows that Rainbow Brite is the smartest and bravest girl in all of Rainbow Land. Join Rainbow, Starlite, Twink and the Color Kids on an all-new adventure! Rainbow and the gang must thwart Murky Dismal and Lurky’s nasty plan to steal the Color Belt. With a double dose of friendship and bravery, Rainbow and her friends are sure to save the day.”

Big thanks to Hallmark for the information and pictures. I'm so grateful to them for giving us more classic style dolls!! Can I put in my request now for that vintage dress-up Stormy doll fans have always wanted?? :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gained in Translation

I recently added the French DVDs to the Collectible Videos section of, and in doing so, typed up some of the French text on the back of the boxes. As usual when I'm typing up foreign Rainbow-Brite-related information, I got curious as to what it meant. So I fired up Google Translate to get some rough translations. What came out on the other side were these whimsical, poetic phrases about Rainbow Brite - and I realized that they were lyrics from the French Rainbow Brite Theme Song.

Now if you've never heard the French theme song, take a listen to it. The melody is the same as the American theme written by Haim Saban & Shuki Levy, but the song is much longer, with its own set of lyrics, written by Alain Garcia. Thankfully we have the lyrics, because they were included on the sleeve of the French record, Au pays de l'arc-en-ciel, which includes the theme song, and an instrumental version of the theme. Below is a translation of those lyrics, with some additional help from a French Canadian fan that goes by the name Patty O'Green :)

Rainbow Brite
Country of light
Where little Sprites live like kings

Rainbow Brite
Away from our planet
You can see Rainbow and Starlite

Rainbow Brite
Where the rainbow sky
Is not a mystery but a shout of joy

Rainbow Brite
Pastel light
Color Murky could never make disappear

Rainbow Brite
Yellows, reds and greens
Like a cut
In the blue of the Universe

Rainbow Brite
Guarded by Rainbow
Who is a magician and a little soldier

Around her waist
A divine belt
This is the secret weapon
Of all fighting

Rainbow Brite
Lurky and Murky
Even in their darkness they will not have you

Their grayness
Falls into the abyss
Like a bad dream
Which would not exist

Rainbow Brite
Your heart is glitter
Your eyes sparkle and you live like that

Rainbow Brite
Light of celebration
For Twink's future that's right

Rainbow Brite
For a child's dream
You well exist somewhere out there

Rainbow Brite
Beyond time you will always remain the eternal mirror

Rainbow Brite
Yellows, reds and greens
Like a cut
In the blue of the Universe

Rainbow Brite ...

What's your favorite verse? :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Color Me Commodore 64 PC Game

In 1985, Mindscape, Inc created the Color Me Computer Coloring Kit for the Commodore 64. As its title implies, it was a coloring program which allowed you to color images on your computer and then print them out. They licensed several Hallmark characters to color, such as The Hugga Bunch, The Shirt Tales, and Rainbow Brite!

I purchased a copy of this program on floppy disk several years ago, but Commodore 64 machines are hard to come by, so I assumed I would never get the chance to run it. Thankfully, a long-time Rainbow Brite fan from the UK was equally curious about the disc's contents, and found a digital copy of it to run in a Commodore 64 emulator! So thanks to David Pope, now we can all download and run this blast from the past. Below are instructions for how to run the program, and beneath those are screenshots from it. We hope you enjoy it! :)


Step 1: Download the zip file "" and open it. Extract the "WinVICE-2.4-x86" folder inside it onto your computer.

Step 2: Open the "WinVICE-2.4-x86"  folder and double-click the "x64.exe" file to run the Commodore 64 emulator.

Step 3: Click the file menu at the top left of the screen, and choose "Autostart disk/tape image". You'll be presented with a standard open file dialog - direct it to the folder from Step 2 and choose the file "Color Me (1985)(Mindscape).d64" Click "Attach," and it will load the game. This will take a few minutes.

Step 4: You will see a couple of title screens for Sprout and Color Me, and eventually a screen that asks for "joystick or koala pad".  Press J, and then you are taken to a select printer screen - press "F1" and you are taken to the drawing screen.

Step 5: Using the number keys on the keypad, use them like a joystick until the hand is pointing at the Menu option, then press the CTRL key on the right side of your keyboard to select. Move the hand across to the Load option and it will ask you to "insert a picture disk". Using the mouse, go to the file menu (from Step 3), choose "attach disk image", and then choose "Drive 8". The same dialog from Step 3 will appear - choose the file "Color-Me Rainbow Brite.d64" and click "Attach" again.

Step 6: Using the keypad again, point to "Ready" and press CTRL. It will go ahead and load a list of pictures.  Just choose the one you want to look at and press the CTRL. Pressing CTRL on 'more names' will show the next page of files.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Additional: If you need to, the joystick keys can be changed in the Settings menu, and into Joystick settings - where it says "Joystick port 2" there's a menu.  If you change that to Keyset A, and then click the button labelled Configure Keyset A, you can change the keys to suit your keyboard better (for example, you have a laptop  or compact keyboard that doesn't have a Right Control key).  Just click OK and use as above.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What Would Rainbow Brite Do?

The new Rainbow Brite cartoon is garnering mounds of attention. The Rainbow Brite Facebook page received almost 30,000 likes, and the trailer received 70,000 views within the first 24 hours of being announced! I've lost count of all the articles written about the fresh take on our favorite superhero, and have given up the quest to read every tweet that mentions her name. There are just THAT MANY. To me, this shows that Feeln has released the right thing at the right time, and children and adults alike are hungry for more.

But not all of the attention has been positive. Fan responses have ranged anywhere from "OMG YES!! TAKE MY MONEY!!" to "You've ruined my childhood! Leave her alone!" Individuals are going through the four stages of reboot grief in rapid succession, barely coming up for air. While many comments have been gut reactions common to resistance to change, some have offered constructive criticism that I wanted to take a moment to address.


Concern #1: She seems like a ditzy valley girl with no substance.

First, let's take a moment to remember that all we've seen so far are short trailers for the show. Trailers are meant to grab the attention of the target audience (which is today's children, lest we forget) and hook them into wanting more. What better way to do that than with humor and silliness - kids' favorite things apart from sugar? I am certain that Rainbow Brite will not be that one-dimensional in the actual show.

Secondly, Feeln knows that Rainbow Brite's original fans are now in their 30's and love nostalgia. "Valley girl" speak is very 80's, along with the word "rad" that Rainbow Brite used in the first trailer. It's quite likely that they will be throwing nods to us throughout the series, and her "valley" demeanor may be one of those nods. In case you missed all of the neon colored clothing being sold over the summer, the 80's are back in a big way, and kids are going to eat this up. And again, I don't believe that she will speak this way constantly in the show.

Lastly, Feeln knows that children look for role models in the media they watch and listen to. They know that the original Rainbow Brite was a strong leader with incredible intelligence and wisdom. They don't want little girls growing up to be brainless ditzes any more than you do. Also, you may not realize that the writer for this new show, Rachel Vine, is a mother of a little girl herself. So I feel quite sure that this new Rainbow will be instilled with all of the depth of the original, with some added quirkiness, so that little girls of today will have another strong female character to emulate.

Concern #2: Why couldn't they have left her design the same as the original?

I don't know of any animated shows that have kept the exact same style when creating a reboot. I'm not saying that it couldn't be done, or would be unsuccessful. But that's a very big gamble for a production company to make. With market research, they can find out exactly what today's children already like, and respond to best. And I feel sure that that helped them hone in on a design that would resonate well with the widest possible audience. That doesn't mean that they didn't also take the original fans into consideration. I believe they did - as many design elements are the same or similar to the original. But I think that giving her a makeover for today's generation was a smart move, even if it's a bit jarring to us at first glance.

Conern #3: Why is Starlite a muscle-ripped stallion now?

To be honest, Starlite's redesign was the first thing that I found fault with. When I saw him flex his pecks, my mind immediately flew to Bulk Biceps from My Little Pony and I had a hard time reeling it back in. But after talking to other fans, I believe I have made some peace with the change, and am beginning to understand why they may have gone this direction. Perhaps they wanted to make him more cartoony? The original Starlite design was based on a real horse, and was animated to look realistic. Nothing in this new cartoon looks realistic. Even Rainbow has an enlarged head, huge feet and lacks elbows. This is simply a different animation style from the original, and his design is consistent with that style. And perhaps with My Little Pony being so popular, and the comparisons between the two being inevitable, they wanted to make him look as different from a pony as possible? I don't know, but it would make sense.

Conern #4: Why did she need a reboot at all? She was perfect as is!

I can't argue that the original Rainbow Brite wasn't practically perfect in every way. Why do you think I've loved her since 1984? ;) But personally, 13 episodes have never felt like "enough." All we got was one little season, and the characters had so much potential that was never explored. I'm excited to have a window into Rainbow Land once again. It's also made me sad to see all of her 80's counterparts get rebooted, and Rainbow left behind. I've hated watching her to fade into obscurity. There are many of us who will always love and remember her, and are passing the original on to the next generation. But without a new show, there are many kids who would never be exposed to Rainbow Brite. Especially since the old episodes aren't officially available on DVD. I'm hopeful that this new series will breathe new life into the franchise and keep her rainbow from fading away. Even reported that she "earned" a reboot, and I fully agree.


For those of you who are still heartbroken over your beloved childhood friend undergoing a change, I want to offer some encouragement. The original Rainbow Brite has not gone anywhere. Her episodes are still available on YouTube. Her pictures, songs, stories, and more will still be available on and And her fans and their creations will still be showcased on My goal since beginning my first website in 1997 was to keep Rainbow Brite from being forgotten, and that goal has not changed. Watching this new show will not damage our memories of the old. And enjoying the new show is not a betrayal to the original.

My final thought about how we, as fans, should react to the new cartoon is simple: what would Rainbow Brite do? Would she insult this newcomer and the individuals who created her? Would she immediately slam the door in the face of something different? Or would she try to keep an open mind until she had all the facts, and welcome the opportunity to make a new friend? I think you know the answer.

Friday, October 17, 2014


It's been three months since Emily Osment's big reveal about the new Rainbow Brite cartoon, and we are finally getting some details!! Feeln, a streaming video-on-demand service, and subsidiary of Hallmark, is heading up the project. And they went public in a big way - by debuting a preview of the upcoming series!

So not only did we get a look at the new design, we got to hear it speak and see it move! The internet exploded with news stories regarding the reboot, and Feeln launched brand new social media pages for the new Rainbow on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Through these sources, we have been able to glean a few details about the new show:

1) Three episodes are in the final stages of development, and they will be premiering via Feeln on November 6th, 13th, and 20th.

2) Apart from the characters shown in the preview, Twink, the Color Kids, Murky, Lurky and Stormy will be in the show. And Stormy was hanging out with the bad guys in the picture they uploaded. Just sayin!

3) Molly Ringwald (yes THAT Molly Ringwald!) will be voicing the Dark Princess.

And just this morning, another promo video was released:

Post by Feeln.

Color me excited!! Renee and I recorded a "first reactions" squeeisode (haha) of BriteCast regarding the preview. And we'll  be keeping you updated on the new show as things develop. So keep your eyes on the rainbow!